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Top 5 RPGs Coming Out In 2021!


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Too lazy to play Dungeons and Dragons? Need to laze around on your fat a** and play some video games all by your lonesome? Well, that sounds a bit sad. At least if you're going to do that, though, then you bloody well better choose something good! Now, there are tons of games coming out this year in 2021: There are many RPGs gracing our big, medium, and small screens. Hence, it can be hard to choose. The options are rampant, and many of them great (and probably many of them dogs**t), so it's bloody helpful to have a list, isn't it?

That's where we come in: It's time to present you with the Top 5 RPGs Coming In 2021! From right across the spectrum, we ain't gonna spoil them for you, but these games are going to be filling a lot of those empty spaces in your heart that isolation has brought to you (or just laziness). Anyway, without further ado... Let's jump in!

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