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Battlefield's Twitter account just dropped the reveal date

Battlefield 6 Reveal Date Announced


EA Tweeted just moments ago that they will reveal the Battlefield 6 trailer in a few days. This comes after a saga of leaks and counter–reveals between the community and the publishers. But no, we're almost there, we will soon get to see the new installment of the Battlefield franchise. We've got the reveal date and more right here. 

Fans of Battlefield have had a crazy few weeks. First, the Battlefield reveal date is promised in early May, then nothing happens and there's no explanation. Next, insiders begin to leak the promised trailer. Wow, what a hype. At first, people are rightly excited, but then again another surprise – no, apparently the leaked trailer isn't the real trailer, it's for investors only. Luckily, all this drama will soon be over. Battlefield's official Twitter revealed an exact date for their game to be revealed in a short video. 

When Is The Battlefield Reveal Trailer Released

The Battlefield trailer is being released on June 9, likely at 4 pm PT, that's the time of day when previous EA titles have usually been revealed. There is a very short video giving the date that Battlefield's official Twitter posted just moments ago: 

There's little more to say besides expressing hype. EA certainly knows how to get the community excited after the recent saga of leaks and reveals, but no - we are finally there, we are about to get the official reveal. Will it show the robot dogs of Japan, as leaker Tom Henderson suggested? Who knows, but we can be certain of something impressive from EA.

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