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Yet more leaks from this year's Battlefield instalment

Battlefield 6's True Name Has Been Revealed By Leakers

Battlefield 6 name revealed
We'll be getting a lot of robotics in this near-future shooter. (Credit: Teresa Alvarado)

More Battlefield 6 leaks continue to pour out. This time the true name of the title has been revealed. It's not actually going to be called Battlefield 6. We've got all the details, including what it will be called, right here - so keep reading! 

Rarely have EA's lawyers worked so hard as they have with this year's Battlefield game - whose true name isn't actually Battlefield 6. For months now the community has been retaliating against EA's teases and lack of information on the game by spreading and encouraging leaks. Most of this comes from Battlefield insider Tom Henderson, and his official discord channel. Along with a ton of other info we got on the game this weekend, a leaker in Henderson's discord also revealed the name of this year's Battlefield. 

What Will Battlefield 6 Be Called

Battlefield 6 will actually be called Battlefield 2042. This was stated in Tom Henderson's discord, on Reddit, and also on 4chan, where an apparent leaker began spreading the information. '2042' as a title does add up with everything we've heard about this year's installment being a sequel to Battlefield 4 set in the near future. It would also align with what we know so far about EA's desire to soft-reboot the series- hence using a new titling format rather than just continuing with the numerical Battlefield 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. 

That's all we know so far, but we can probably expect the name to be shown officially in just a few days on June 9 in the reveal trailer. 

If you're keeping your ear to the ground on these Battlefield leaks then you've come to the right place, here are some other things we know about the game: 

Are you a fan of the near-future setting? It'll offer lots of weapons and new vehicles, just so long as they don't go too far with the wall-running nonsense. Let us know if you like '2042' or if you'd rather something else on Facebook or Twitter, and consider joining MyEarlyGame today if you want all your Battlefield news in one place.