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This one is super shady... but we're thirsty

Mysterious Battlefield 6 Video Leaks Trailer Reveal, Name & Release Date?

Battlefield 6 Trailer Reveal
Some rumors say Battlefield 6 might be set in 2042. (Credit: Stefan Celic, Artstation)

A mysterious YouTube channel called Phase 3 appeared out of nowhere and claims to know the official Battlefield 6 reveal date. It also claims to know the year Battlefield 6 is set in: 2042. It also possibly hints at a release date. Is this legit?

Ok, so we all know that Battlefield 6 is coming. We know that its Battle Royale is going to be free and that the battle scope is going to be ridiculously large. That's old news and, if it wasn't, you can catch up here:

But what else is there? We need more! We're thirsty like that. Now, a mysterious YouTube channel has appeared that claims to know when we will get official Battlefield 6 reveals and a trailer:

Yup, this looks dodgy as all seven hells. Also, the fact that the channel was created in November 2020 and only has about 700 subscribers seems... shady. Still, gaming news have come from weirder sources or used weirder promo and a number of gaming outlets have now picked up on this (including us). Are we all grasping at straws or is there something here?

Well what does the YouTube channel tease at? Let's have a look:

  • A countdown that is counting down to a date in 2042
  • The date 'March 23'

Is the Video Hinting at the Battlefield 6 Name & Release Date?

The date 2042 obviously suggests that Battlefield 6 might be set in 2042 – exactly 100 years after Battlefield 1942 and 100 years before Battlefield 2142. This would feed into everybody seemingly agreeing that the game will be set in modern times.

Also, the countdown stops on the date October 25, 2042. Does that mean the Battlefield 6 release date is October 25? Are we reaching? Probably. Is it interesting? Definitely.

As for the March 23 date: This date comes with a Twtich logo, so it suggests we might get some Battlefield 6 gameplay or a trailer on March 23. At this point it's all guesswork. Or troll work. Either way, we're not ashamed to admit we're lapping up every Battlefield 6 tidbit there is.


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