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Battlefield insider leaks all ahead of game's reveal

Battlefield 6 Trailer Leak

Battlefield Trailer Leak
We can expect a near-future dystopia from the next Battlefield. (Credit: CoD Concept Art)

Just a few hours ago Battlefield insider, Tom Henderson, took to stream to drop some more bombshells. As Battlefield's greatest leaker, he knows how to keep his fans in anticipation, and promised that even if EA doesn't release a trailer "something big is coming before the end of the week".  

Henderson has had the fans hanging on to his every word in these past few weeks, and its thanks to him that we know: 

And now, as a final ta-da, Henderson is putting his cards on the table to show he's got the goods before the imminent Battlefield trailer proves him right...or not. 

What Will We See In The Battlefield Trailer? 

Reportedly, the Battlefield 6 trailer (or as we might be calling it by then - just, 'Battlefield') will open with an establishing shot of a large island seen from within a cockpit, and to the left a group of Osprey aircraft fast approaching. From there, scenes of all-out war between Russian and U.S. forces. The trailer will feature extreme weather conditions that should hint at dystopian climate change, robot dogs, and the launching of a number of missiles. And all of this will be set in Japan, apparently one of the game's central locations. 

Battlefield 6 Trailer Reveal Leaks
We're in for more fast-paced, big-team action in this year's Battlefield. (Credit: EA)

The trailer is going to come in at exactly 1 minute and 38 seconds according to the leaks, excluding a few extra seconds for the ESRB rating and other trademarks. Whether he's proven right or wrong will confirm or falsify most of what the fans 'know' about the game at present, but Henderson is certain. So certain that he intends to begin a podcast off the back of being vindicated. And to those who think what he's doing is wrong, he said at the end of the stream: 

I personally truly believe that what I'm doing is hyping up the community, I'm trying to refrain from setting up expectations, some people wont like what I say [...] we all want what's best for the franchise, at the end of the day people are benefitting from this crazy situation -1:32:00

Well, we'll find out very soon. 

When Is The Battlefield Trailer Released?

As we predicted in a recent articleall signs point to the new Battlefield trailer being released this week, and probably on Thursday, May 6. EA has an earnings call on Monday, May 11 and so, in keeping with their tradition (and because it makes fiscal sense), they will drum up attention before that date to get investors excited. Thursday or Friday is perfect because it launches the weekend's conversation in their direction. 

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