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SBMM - Love it or hate it, it's here to stay

Leak: Battlefield 6 Will Have Skill-Based Matchmaking

The Horrors of War - SBMM (Credit: EA)

Skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM is always going to divide the community. With all the news coming in about Battlefield 6you're probably wondering: does the new Battlefield have SBMM? We've been wondering too, and we've got the answers below. 

have been very busy these past few weeks dropping news about 2021's new Battlefield installment (which, is not actually going to be called Battlefield 6).  We've also had news revealed from less official sources this week, in this case, the Battlefield insider and infamous tweet leaker Tom Henderson, who has shared some details about SBMM in the new Battlefield. 

What is SBMM? 

SBMM calculates individual player skill, assigns them an elo rating number, and then tries to find matches with similarly ranked players; hence, 'skill-based matchmaking'. This really became an issue with 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, when players claimed they were experiencing a far more stringent SBMM system than in previous titles. Over a year since that game's launch and SBMM still divides the discussion over Warzone. 

There are both supporters and critics of SBMM. In its defense, that kind of ranking system prevents players from being faced with enemies far stronger than themselves, while ideally still creating enough challenge. Critics would argue that it creates a stale atmosphere of constant difficulty though, and that chaos is sometimes more desirable in a casual shooter. 

The SBMM in 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare caused an uproar (Credit: EA)

Will there be SBMM in Battlefield 6? 

Tom Henderson has revealed that there will be SBMM in Battlefield 6, but that it will be based on the combined skill of teams rather than individual players. In a Livestream to his fans, Henderson spoke openly about the game and explained that while there would indeed be an SBMM in Battlefield 6, it's only used when assigning players onto different teams. If correct, it would mean that players can enter a lobby with players of any skill, but that teams would ultimately be well-matched.  

This approach seems well-considered and continues a promising trend of news regarding the year's battlefield installment, that said, many detractors will begin to complain when they catch even a whiff of SBMM

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