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Yet another month for the fans to wait

Battlefield 6 Reveal Coming In June

Battlefield 6 Reveal In June
Looks like it's yet another month comrades. (Credit: EA)

Well folks, it looks like the leaks were wrong; the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer isn't coming until June. The official Battlefield Twitter account just announced that they would reveal the game next month.

Leaks, almost exclusively sourced from apparent 'insider' Tom Henderson, led fans to believe that the official reveal for Battlefield 6 would come last week. Given the Q1 earnings call on Tuesday, May 11, this made fiscal sense too - it would get the investors excited, or so we were told. But no, the game's reveal is coming in June, despite the entire audio of the trailer already being available to the public thanks to another unknown leaker. 

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When Will Battlefield 6 Be Revealed?

Battlefield 6 will be revealed in June, at least according to this not-so-cryptic message from the game's official Twitter:

This might not be so suspicious if it wasn't for the tweet two weeks ago that simply said:

So, quite naturally, fans have been waiting for even a crumb of news from EA DICE about Battlefield 6. This tweet all but confirms that they will have to wait yet another month - let's hope EA haven't killed the excitement themselves with this publicity stunt.

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Was Tom Henderson Legit?

Tom Henderson, the now-infamous 'leaker', assured fans on Wednesday, May 5 that 'something big was coming'. He also made a number of other predictions for Battlefield 6, including the setting and the name. But where do the fans stand now, with his most important prediction disproved?

Well, it might be that the trailer was delayed in response to said leaks, or even that EA DICE delayed in response to the crashing of the Chinese rocket - the Long March 5b, like Tom himself, suggested:

That may be so, but a great many fans will no doubt be waking up tomorrow crestfallen and probably more skeptical.

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