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This is going to be seriously controversial

Leaked: Battlefield 6 Will Have Battlefront II's Hero System

Battlefield 6 getting Battlefront's hero system.
This is...not gonna play well with Battlefield fans. (Credit: EA)

Battlefield 6 leaks claim that the game is launching with a hero system similar to Star Wars Battlefront 2. In Battlefield 6 it will be called the 'Professional' system, and allow players to spawn as more powerful versions of the main classes. We've got all the details below. 

The release of Battlefield 6 has been a saga of leaking and counter-revealing. Many of the game's fans have gathered around infamous leaker Tom Henderson, and from his Discord channel, they've been sharing and encouraging more leaks. A huge dump of new gameplay information was revealed on that channel this weekend. One of the biggest new features we've learned about is a heroes-style system, where players who perform well in a Battlefield 6 match will spawn as powerful unique characters - just like Star Wars Battlefront 2's hero system.   


How Will The Battlefield 6 Hero System Work? 

The Battlefield 6 hero system will work like Star Wars Battlefront 2; if a player performs well in a match then they will be able to spawn in after they die as a powerful unique character. The leaker suggested that Battlefield's hero system is less extreme than in Star Wars, as the post described: 

  • There can only be one hero per class in each squad.
  • The heroes will get a few abilities but not the kind of extreme buffs they get in Star Wars. 
  • The Medic class hero gets a dart that allows you to revive people from range. 
  • The system is called 'Professionals' in Battlefield 6.

So far that's all we know. It's likely to be a deeply unpopular system amongst Battlefield fans who favor realism, but that said, it might be so mild that people can largely ignore it. We'll keep you updated when more is revealed about Battlefield 6 this week. 

If you do like keeping up to speed with all these leaks, here are some other details about Battlefield we know: 

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