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It's all in the name

New Battlefield 6 Leak: Game's True Name Revealed

Battlefield 6 Name
No more of this in the new Battlefield. Battlefield 6 will feature a modern setting. (Credit: GamingBolt)

According to rumors, the true name for Battlefield 6 has already been leaked.

Folks, we're not gonna lie to you: This is gonna be a short one, but we still had to bring the news to you. You want all the Battlefield 6 rumors, and we got them.

This latest one comes our way via Twitter leaker Tom Henderson (who else) and he suggests that Battlefield 6 will not actually be called Battlefield 6.

According to him, DICE will simply call the game 'Battlefield'. That's it. No numbers, no nothing. They're gonna take it back to the roots and name it just like they named the very first Battlefield. Why are they doing this? Arguably because DICE and EA see this Battlefield as a reboot to the series.

If this confuses you, since the last Battlefield was called Battlefield 1, then... you're not alone. Battlefield 7 will actually be called Battlefield -1. You heard it here first.

Much, much more on Battlefield:

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