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Tom Henderson is the man on the matter

Battlefield 6 Leaks: Battle Royale, Setting, Release


The one certain thing we know is that there will be a new Battlefield game in 2021. Now, a well-known leaker has shed light on some details surrounding Battlefield 6 and how it might have been influenced by Battlefield 3.

Battlefield V was a complete letdown, and everyone is hoping for much better out of the next chapter in the Battlefield odyssey. There isn't any official info so far, except that it will be released in 2021, but popular leaker Tom Henderson has some reliable info on Battlefield 6.

Battlefield 6 Leaks

First of all, we have to mention that Henderson himself points out that many of the rumors are probably not accurate. He has checked with his contact, but none of it is confirmed and it is all conjecture at this point. Take it as you wish.

Soft Reboot

Henderson explains that Battlefield 6, much like CoD: Modern Warfare (2019) could be a soft reboot of the series. The name has not yet been decided, so it is entirely possible that the new part will simply be called Battlefield.

128 Players

Battlefield has always been known for its huge 64-player online matches. However, with Battle Royale titles like Call of Duty: Warzone packing up to 200 players onto one map, this is no longer a unique selling point. There has been talk of the immense scales Battlefield 6 could reach from EA boss Andrew Wilson in the past.

According to Henderson, the numbers are going to be doubled to a more competitive 128 players. At least for current-gen consoles. The PS4 and Xbox One are going to be left with the old 64-player variant and other graphical downgrades.

Modern Setting

Henderson is very sure about the setting. It will definitely be a modern setting again – similar to Battlefield 3 & 4. According to him, the new part will be strongly oriented towards BF3. There is no more detailed information on weapons or maps at the moment, but that's exciting enough news for now.

Battle Royale

There was a Battle Royale mode in Battlefield V called Firestorm, which you might not have heard of, because it flopped hard. Part of the problem was that it was part of BFV and could not be played for free separately, unlike the successful Warzone. A Battle Royale was almost certainly worked upon at some point of development, but Henderson isn't sure whether or not the concept has been scrapped. It is conceivable that such a mode will be added after release.

We personally feel like Battlefield 6 could do without a Battle Royale mode. Stuff such as Rush and Conquest on huge maps with destructible environments make Battlefield, well - Battlefield. Developing a BR would take time away from other areas that are much stronger for the EA shooter. Stick to your strong suits, Battlefield!

Battlefield 3 Remaster

There have been rumors that a Battlefield 3 Remaster would accompany the launch of Battlefield 6. Tom Henderson calls bollocks on that and at the same time dismisses the possibility of Bad Company 3.


EA have pointed towards a release in the 2021 holiday season, which is accurate according to our leak master. November is probably the month we should see Battlefield 6 on the market.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Ballat.