You gotta be a bad boy to be deleted, you know?

Battlefield 6 Leaker Banned on Twitter for THIS Leak

Battlefield 6

What you gotta do to piss of EA? Leak stuff, apparently. (Credit: EA)

A famous Battlefield 6 and Call of Duty leaker has been banned from Twitter. Which leak caused Twitter to finally pull the plug on Tom Henderson?

Imagine posting such reliable leaks that Twitter has no other choice but to delete your account? A legend, if you ask me, that’s what Tom Henderson is.

A name you might have heard since he’s very known in the CoD and Battlefield community. Especially for Battlefield 6, Tom Henderson has been on the front of every leak. His account was the go-to for all the latest Battlefield 6 info.

His initial account is gone, but Henderson has since created a new one and come out with a statement regarding the situation.

Note how he followed-up here... a legend, as I said. (via Twitter)

What Did Tom Henderson Leak to be Banned?

Now, think very hard — or not, because it’s actually obvious. Twitter taking this drastic step for info that isn’t true? Nope. Twitter taking this drastic step for info that is very much true? Yep.

We think it was the fact he leaked the Battlefield 6 Battle Royale, the Battle Pass, the free to play aspects – basically everything.

Don't believe us? How about this: When EA had their earnings call earlier this year, they actually had no other choice but to confirm one of Henderson’s leaks, because it had gotten too much traction.


Battlefield 6: Because you're worth it. Or was that a different slogan? (Credit: EA)

If we had to make bets, we’d say that his super sensitive leaks are ultimately the reason for his ban. We all know EA. They’re exactly the types of people who’d report an account like Henderson’s for this, especially when he “did them dirty” like that.

And let’s face it: the leak was HUGE.

So no surprise that this caused him to lose his account and also deleting his YouTube channel.

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