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Rumors suggest big Battlefield news is inbound

Battlefield 6: Reveal Coming on May 6!

Battlefield Leaked News May 6
News on Battlefield continues to flood in, standby for more soldier! (Credit: EA)

We've seen a huge amount of Battlefield news this past week, and it's not over yet! Coming to us live from an undisclosed location, the Twitter user ModernWarzone announced a few hours ago that EA and DICE plan to reveal the next Battlefield on May 6

As if we had not been hearing enough through the grapevine, another leak has reached us concerning an apparent announcement for Battlefield. On Twitter, the user ModernWarzone posted this: 


Will Battlefield Really Be Announced On May 6? 

There's good reason to think that: yes, the next Battlefield will be announced on or around May 6. Incidentally, this would be the same date as Battlefield 1's 2016 reveal, but it does actually make commercial sense. 

Electronic Arts have a Q4 2021 Earnings Conference Call planned for the 11th of May, and if they fail to reveal the game by that point then they lose a vital opportunity to boost investor interest. For this reason, EA have revealed many of their big titles in the run-up to an earnings call. Battlefield 1 and Apex Legends were revealed this way.

The next Battlefield is shaping up to be something special... (Credit: EA)

We should also look to Tom Henderson (an infamous leaker of Battlefield details), who spoke on this very topic in his recent live stream. He predicts that the Battlefield 6 reveal will indeed come a few days before the next EA Earnings Call, but his best guess? May 7. Henderson has proven himself to be a reliable source so far, but that said, all this should be taken with a grain of salt. 

What To Look Out For?

If we do get the reveal that we're hoping for then keep your eyes peeled for a few things. We've already had two screenshots from the trailer leaked, and they seem to confirm other leaks about the introduction of a Battle Royale, and about the setting of the game. Let's hope we get more certain answers in the reveal, whenever it comes. 

If you're not up to speed on all things Battlefield yet, don't worry - we got you:

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