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This year's Battlefield is coming to PS4s and Xbox Ones

Battlefield 6: Cross–Gen Confirmed

Battlefield 6 Cross–gen
We know that this year's Battlefield is following on from the 4th instalment of the game! (Credit: EA)

In a recent earnings call for the game on May 11, EA confirmed that they would be releasing Battlefield 6  as a cross-gen title on PS4 and Xbox One in addition to PS5 and Xbox series X. This will be welcome news to the fans that still can't get their hands on the current-gen, but it does mean we can only expect so much from the game mechanically. 

One of the biggest questions fans had about Battlefield 6 was whether it would make the bold step to go next-gen exclusive. It seems that this autumn (one year after the PS5 and Xbox series X were released) is too soon for developers to make that step though, and Activision will almost make the same decision with Call of Duty. 


Is This Good For Battlefield? 

A large part of the community would like to see EA go next-gen exclusive with this year's Battlefield, but unfortunately, it's too soon, and so we should expect the game to still be somewhat limited by the technical capabilities of the PS4 and the Xbox One. Hopefully, many gamers out there can get their hands on the coveted next-gen consoles this year anyway but it'll be good news for those that are still going to be on their older consoles. 

We might see EA design Battlefield to be optimized for the current generation PS5s and Xbox Series Xs. This would limit the server size, resolution and frame rate for older consoles but allow players on the current-gen to still get the experience they were hoping for. At least then both sides might see the decision as reasonable. 

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