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A Free Battle Royale, Just How We Like It!

Battlefield 6: Battle Royale Is Free to Play, Has Crossplay & Battle Pass


Battlefield 6 will have a free Battle Royale Mode! Also, it will have crossplay across next-gen and last-gen as well as a Battle Pass! Lots of new information... let's dig in:

So if you're following our site, you got the Battlefield 6 full court press already: Release date, game modes, scale of the battles... we covered every aspect of the game:

Now we know that Battlefield 6 will have a free Battle Royale Mode, separate from the core game's campaign mode. We also got confirmation on crossplay and a Battle Pass.

A lot of people got upset about the announcement that Battlefield 6 will feature a Battle Royale mode, worrying that it will dilute what Battlefield is all about. To this we say: Battlefield 5 did not sell as well as it should have. Why? Because the experience was too hardcore.

Folks, this is simple economics: You have to cater to the masses. Battlefield 6 having a Battle Royale mode will help the game attract more players. Ultimately, the Battlefield 6 multiplayer, story, future DLCs and future Battlefields will all benefit from this.

What Can We Expect From the Battlefield 6 Battle Royale?

The Battlefield devs have already confirmed that the game will – once again – push the agenda in terms of the scope and scale of its battles. Thus, we are assuming that this will push the scope of what we've seen in Battle Royales. 200 players? 300? 400? It's all possible.

Battlefield 6 Battle Royale Free to Play
We couldn't come up with a funny caption, so let's just marvel at this image for what it is. (Credit: EA)

What We Know About the Battlefield 6 Battle Pass

Honestly, we don't know much yet. All we know is that the Battle Passes will roll out every 8 to 10 weeks. We're assuming that the Battle Pass will offer goodies on top of the base free-to-play Battle Royale. What are we basing this assumption on? Just on every other BR game out there...

Battlefield 6 Will Have Crossplay between Last-Gen & Next-Gen

This one is probably good news to most: Battlefield 6 will indeed have crossplay between the different platforms. This is great for the player-base, but it's also worrying: Cross platform also means that the next-gen is limited by what the last-gen can still handle. This worries us. Are we getting a true next-gen experience with Battlefield 6 or one that has to compromise itself? What if the PS5 and Xbox Series X could handle battles on a scale that are simply not manageable for the PS4 and Xbox One? Only time will tell, but we're not sure how to feel about crossplay yet.

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