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Battlefield 6 will begin it's Alpha playtesting after EA Play Live

Battlefield 6: Alpha Playtesting - Dates And How To Apply

Battlefield 6 Alpha Testing
The next Battlefield will feature military robotics. (Credit: Activision Blizzard)

As we wait patiently for the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer (not the leaked one), any news about this year's installment comes as an exciting gift. The community was understandably thrilled therefore when a reliable insider made the following announcement this weekend: Battlefield's Alpha playtesting will commence after the EA Play Live event on July 22. We've got all the details, including how to apply right here. 

Especially when compared to Activision's reported struggles with this year's Call of Duty, EA find themselves in the enviable position of being pleaded to by fans for more. Excitement for the franchise sits at an all-time high, and Battlefield is looking set to challenge Call of Duty in a way it never has before. This weekend, Battlefield insider and renowned leaker Tom Henderson, revealed even more information, working the community into a fervor. The game will begin alpha testing with members of the community after the EA Play live event on July 22. 


When Is The Battlefield Alpha Playtest

The Battlefield Alpha begins after the EA Play Live event on July 22. The date was leaked this weekend by Tom Henderson, the insider who has provided almost everything we know so far about the upcoming Battlefield. As he Tweeted: 

This is exactly the kind of hype-generating move we can expect from EA, it might be that they show more gameplay at the event too - letting fans see what the play testers are getting their hands on. 

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How to Play The Battlefield Alpha

You can sign up as a playtester with EA today, and you might be picked. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly how to be picked, or even how to make your profile more attractive to EA. They are very guarded about how they pick play testers. But here is the sign-up link. There are testing locations in the US and the UK but for the rest of the world, you will need to sign up as an 'at-home' tester. Best of luck! 

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