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Amazon are leaning into gaming more and more

Battlefield 4 Is Free With Amazon Prime Gaming

Battlefield 4 free for Amazon Prime Gaming members
This was one of the best titles in the whole Battlefield franchise. (Credit: EA)

Amazon are offering Battlefield 4 for free to all of their members as part of the Amazon Prime Gaming scheme. This was one of the best Battlefield games to date so lots of people will be excited to get Battlefield 4 for free - we've got all the details for you, including how to claim. 

With news that Battlefield 6 will be revealed in just a few days, Amazon have chosen the perfect time to strike. They made Battlefield 4, the beloved 2013 title, free as part of their Amazon Prime Gaming scheme. Just as people are talking about Battlefield again, bam, one of the best Battlefield games goes free on a new service. This is especially well planned because this year's Battlefield title is supposed to be a direct sequel to the fourth game. Anyway, here's how to claim the game.  

How Can You Claim Battlefield 4 For Free?

Join Amazon Prime to claim Battlefield 4 for free until June 21. All the benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming are available to regular Prime members, and you can even try Prime for free for the first 30 days. We highly recommend the deal because Battlefield 4 was such a fantastic installment for the franchise - it really still holds up. 

This deal is unfortunately only for a free PC copy of Battlefield 4 and cannot be redeemed for Xbox or PlayStation. All a Prime member needs to do is navigate to Amazon Prime Gaming and claim the deal for a code. The code can be redeemed on the Origin store.


What Is Amazon Prime Gaming

Amazon Prime Gaming is a new feature of Amazon Prime that offers free games and in-game cosmetics. Prime gaming also includes the Telltale Batman series and Newfound Courage. It's an interesting first step into gaming for Amazon, whether it actually leads to anything is yet to be seen.

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Are you going to give Prime a go for the gaming perks? let us know if you do, and if you're enjoying Battlefield 4 we'd love your thoughts on this year's installment. Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter, and consider joining MyEarlyGame today for all the latest gaming news.