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Among Us: Polus Map Guide


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Among Us is still one of the most popular games on Twitch. Despite the old-fashioned graphics and the easy-to-understand premise, there are still a few things to consider if you want to master the game. If that’s you, there’s nothing to fear, we have your back!


In this video, we give you some useful tips for the Among Us Map Polus!

Get to know the Map!

The most important thing in Among Us is map knowledge. Memorize the floor plan as best as you can. If you know where each room is, and which routes are possible or not, then it’s much easier to plan your kills as an Impostor or to see through the Impostor’s excuses as a Crewmate.

Which Vents lead where?

This includes knowing where vents are located and how they are connected. In Polus, long chains of vents give Impostors a lot of freedom of movement. If you are planning a kill and escape as an Impostor, it’s good to know where you can go with vents. As a Crewmate, you should also know that as an Imposter you can get from the lab to the admin very quickly.

Where are the cameras?

Memorize the areas that are covered by cameras. All in all, there are 6 on Polus. Three of these cover vents, which you should always be aware of as an Impostor.

Check the vitals!

Normally you can only see if a player has died when a body has been found or a meeting has been called. On Polus, however, you can check the vitals of all players in the room next to the office at any time and see if someone has been killed without a meeting or a body.

If you follow these tips, you should be well prepared for your next match on Polus.

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