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Among Us – Your Ultimate Map Guide for Skeld, Polus and Mira


Alright, it's time for another round of Among Us tips and tricks! In this article, we will be focusing on giving you valuable information that you will need to keep up with the good players in your lobby.

Make sure to have the article open to remind yourself about important things when dishing out the judgemental arguments.


The first map of the game is the map we usually learn the game on. It isn't as complicated as Mira and is just as fun as Polus!

Things to know about Skeld:

Skeld Map
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Left side:

Med Bay – Electrical – Security

Upper engine – Top side of Reactor

Lower engine – Bottom side of Reactor

Right side:

Admin – Hallway from Shields to Navigation – Right exit from Cafeteria

Weapons – Top side of Navigation

Shields – Bottom side of Navigation


We will only include the Common tasks (during an emergency, people only ask for your common task)

Common tasks:

Card swipe (Admin)

Wires ( Admin, Storage, Electrical, Security, Cafeteria, Navigation )

Good excuses

There are places where people rarely stay/go, and when you play as an Impostor, you should know them so you can give a valid argument about where you are right now (instead of saying you are stuck in a vent currently) and those are:

  1. Top left wires of Electrical
  2. Bottom right of Storage Trash task
  3. Diverting power at the Upper engine.

Mira HQ

The second map is probably the most complicated map, and it will pose a challenge for beginners.

Things to know about Mira:

Mira HQ map
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Vents are global, you can vent from any vent to any vent.


Will only include the Long/Common tasks, as we explained above.

Common Tasks

Enter ID Code (Admin)

Wires (Greenhouse, Hallway, Laboratory, Locker Room or Storage)

Good Excuses

Since the map is pretty complicated, there are not a lot of good excuses, but here are some that might work really well:

  1. Going back to Launchpad to finish the diagnostics (Turtle task)
  2. Storage to pick up water.
  3. Watching logs in the Communication room.


The third map is the most played map in Among Us. The reason behind its popularity is probably the good balance between Impostors and Cremwates, and the size of the map which makes it interesting for both sides.

Polus Map
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Left side

Security – Electrical – O2

Middle side

Northwest reactor – Northeast reactor

Storage – Communications – Office

Right side

Admin – Laboratory


Common tasks:

Insert keys (Dropship)

Swipe card (Office)

Swipe Card
Swipe card task ( Image credit: Innersloth )

Scan boarding pass ( Office )

Scan Boarding Pass
Scan Boarding Pass task ( Image credit Innersloth )

Wires ( Decontamination, Electrical, Laboratory (one of two locations), O2, or Office )

Good excuses

Here, it's pretty hard to find a good excuse since almost all of the rooms are important in Polus, but here are some:

  1. Specimen room (people avoid this room a lot)
  2. Filling up fuel in Storage Room
  3. Opening the third waterway outside of Office (above the vent that's outside)
  4. Doing the Tesla bellow Electrical.


Among us meme
Image credit: Cheemsitz @9GAG

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