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Among Us Map Guide MiraHQ


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Pssst... we have another Among Us Map Guide for you! In Among Us, you have to know your surroundings! If you slip up in a later meeting due to a lack of knowledge, you could quickly find your way out of the airlock. So, not only should you know every corner of the map by heart, but you should also know the unique gameplay features that each map has to offer. Skeld has the best security cameras, Polus offers you the so-called Lifeline function in return. On this monitor, you can see the current status of players and check if one or the other Crewmates has to die. For Crewmates, this is useful and can actually decide the round!

MiraHQ is quite different and is possibly the ugly duckling of all the Among Us Maps. This is probably due to its size, since it is by far the smallest map in the game. With 10 players, the top button almost bursts open and the corridors are as busy as a shopping center at Christmas time – not a great place for a murder! But for smaller and faster rounds, MiraHQ is a very good choice. On the other hand, MiraHQ has a rather interesting layout, because unlike Polus and Skeld, it has no connected rooms. There is only one access for each location, which makes it dangerous for the Imposter on the other side to escape. It also takes a lot of time for the Crewmates! If you have completed your tasks in the cafeteria or the Reactor, you will not pay a second visit to these rooms... normally. No matter if you are a hobby Sherlock or a budding serial killer: We have some tips for MiraHQ for you! Get prepared for your next Among Us round – let's get started!

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