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Among Us: How to Play Impostor


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The 2020 Indie-Game sensation Among Us is a household name by now. Constantly among the top Twitch games and seemingly loved by everyone. Among Us truly has captured the world and to be good at it, you need to know your way around. This is where our 5 tips and tricks for impostors come in. We're gonna help you become the best impostor you can be.

There are many things you need to know to be a good impostor: You have to know all the tasks, all the vent locations and your way around every map. Sounds complicated? Don't worry, we got you covered.

If you're not entirely familiar with Among Us, you're in luck because we got a couple videos on the game:

Also, make sure to check out our written guides on Among Us – both on being a better impostor and on being a better crewmate:

That should just about cover all of your Among Us needs. Now go out there and lie & deceive & scheme & kill to your heart's content. After all: We all know that playing impostor is the most fun.

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