Among Us Guide: How to Be a Better Imposter

Among us

Trying your best not to be SUS?(Image Credit: InnerSloth)

When playing as an imposter in Among Us, most of you will find it hard to achieve much. In order to help you beat your friends, here is our Among Us Guide that will cover the most important aspects of this game if you play as an imposter so do not miss out.

Here is a quick rundown of tips you will find in this Among Us guide:

  1. Stand Still When Faking Tasks
  2. Do Not Accuse Others Straight Away
  3. Pay Attention to Cameras
  4. Never Panic
  5. Play the Game Naturally & Blend In

1.) Stand Still When Faking Tasks

Let’s make one thing clear from the start. In order to be a successful imposter, it is very important for you to do the tasks as everyone else. You can’t stand right next to the task and move away after one second.

Bear in mind that certain tasks have visuals, so make sure you avoid those otherwise you will be spotted immediately.

2.) Do Not Accuse Others Straight Away

If you are a person that calls emergency meetings right from the start, then you are probably not winning a lot of your Among Us matches.

Take a thoughtful approach to the game and adjust to other players accordingly. The best practice is to stay in the shadows and be quiet. Ask regular and typical questions and always have an alibi prepared.

Among Us

When playing as an imposter, it is important to stay quiet (Image Credit: NewsBeezer)

3.) Pay Attention to Cameras

Did you know that every map in Among Us is covered with cameras? Keep in mind that only certain parts of the map are covered. The best way to spot the cameras is to simply go to the surveillance room and see for yourself.

It is also important to mention that cameras will blink red when someone is watching. Do not forget about that when stalking your victim.

4.) Never Panic

There are two types of imposters. The first one will panic while doing something that is out of the ordinary. On the other hand, some imposters will not mind being caught doing something suspicious.

The absolute best way to approach this is to have an alibi ready if the person saw you do something “illegal” and calls for an emergency meeting. If you got the skills, you will have no problem getting yourself out of the danger, especially if it is only one person that spotted you.

5.) Play the Game Naturally & Blend In

This is the main talking point when playing as an imposter. Try your best to blend in with others. Fake doing the tasks, move in groups, call for meetings and do everything else that is considered normal.

Do not fake for too long otherwise crewmates will finish all of the tasks and you will be left hanging. Look for your chances and strike. Be elusive, move accordingly to your story/alibi, and you are set for success.

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