These challenges will spice up your game for sure!

Among Us Challenges To Spice Up Your Game

Among Us

Try out these Challenges, we promise it's good for a laugh! (Image credit: InnerSloth)

The hype for Among Us simply won’t die down and understandably so. But playing the game for hours on end, day in and day out… it can eventually get boring. So we thought of a few fun new challenges that you can integrate into your next Among Us game with your friends!


The Black and White Challenge

This is going to be a tough one right off the bat, but boy oh boy, is it fun.

The title pretty much gives it away – it’s your standard Among Us, but everything is in black and white. When doing tasks, that’s not much of a hindrance – especially with the Wire Update – but the fun part is trying to find out who the heck is the Impostor.

Even if he kills right in front of you, due to the Black and White filter, you’ll have no idea who it was. The Impostor needs to be so skilled in lying and hope that whatever room they claim they were in, nobody else was there.


Lots of gray areas when everything's black and white!

For Android, you can turn on your Black and White filter by going into your Settings and then to About. From there, you can turn on the Black and White option and go straight into Among Us to try it out.

For an IOS device, you go Settings, General, Accessibility, Display Accommodations, Color Filters, and then you can turn Grayscale on.

If you play Among Us on Windows, simply use the shortcut Windows + CTRL + C to turn it on and then the same again to turn it off.

Here's a pretty funny example on what your game could look like! (Video credit: I AM WILDCAT via YouTube)

The Random Challenge

This one is a little easier and a little more basic, but it’ll still spice up your gameplay. You use a number generator from 1 to 3, and once the new map is out – 4, then roll to see what you get.

The first roll you do this will be about the map, and the second one will decide how many Impostors there will be. This one explains itself.

The reason for this challenge is because we know a lot of you are only playing The Skeld map. Try to expand your horizons a little and try out the other maps with this challenge too!

The Nameless Challenge

For this one, you are obviously not allowed to say which color you are, otherwise, it won't work.

Instead of using your names, or names that you'd be used to, all of you will put I in your names. One person will start with I, the next will be named II, and so on.

Seems easy for you? Try to combine that with the Black and White challenge from above, but know that you'll curse this game forever afterward.


Is it IIIII in gray that is sus or is it IIIIII in slightly darker gray?

Make Bets

True, this one isn't a challenge, but it... kind of us.

Bets aren’t always about money, you can easily do something nice for your friends like: If I find out who the Impostor is, you guys all have to come over and play whatever game I want with me – after COVID, obviously.

This one can be a great way to bring you and your friends together, and it’ll be up to you to decide what to bet on and in what way. Bet you’ll find out who the Impostor is first? Bet you can kill everyone in less than ten minutes as Imposter?

That’ll be up to you.

EarlyGame will always keep you up-to-date!

We at EarlyGame hope our list of challenges has intrigued you a little, maybe even so much that you'll want to try them out with your friends. If you do, send us a message on our social media channels and maybe even record some of your funny gameplay. If it's a good laugh, we'd love to share it with our readers! (Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

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