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All Equipment in Phasmophobia – How to Use it Correctly


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You don't know how the equipment in Phasmophobia works or what kinds there are? Then stay tuned because we have the ultimate guide for you.

The equipment in Phasmophobia can help you find ghosts or achieve optional tasks. With the money you receive from successful examinations you can also buy additional equipment. However, you need to be careful about what you take with you since you can only bring a limited amount of items when you go on an investigation.

Players who stay alive do not need to pick up their equipment at the end of a mission to keep it. Remember, however, that if you die, you will lose any equipment you added to the mission (except 1 of each starting equipment). So let's take a closer look at the equipment.

Phasmophobia truck

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Starter equipment

Ghost Box

With the ghost box you can communicate with the spirit and get information. Turn off the light and talk to them through your microphone. Some ghosts are more likely to answer when you are alone.


Provides light.

Video camera

With the video camera, you can capture the ghost orb. Mount it, go back into the van and wait if you see a small yellow ball buzzing around.

Photo camera

For photographing the ghost.

Ghost Book

Used to communicate with the ghost. Put the book in the ghost room and wait to see if they write anything into it.

Phasmophobia ghost writing

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EMF Reader

A high EMF value means that you have probably found the ghost room. From Level 5 on, it even counts as proof.

UV Lamp

For finding fingerprints.

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Purchasable equipment

Stronger flashlight

Provides more light than a normal flashlight. Obvious but had to be said.


Can be used to find the ghost. If the temperature in a certain room drops, you have probably found it. If the temperature even drops below freezing point, this is a sure proof of the ghost.

Motion sensor

Records the movements of a ghost and is directly linked to the van.


A crucifix can be used against a ghost and thus protect you from death. Place it on the floor first. When the ghost walks over it, it disappears.

Phasmophobia kruzifix

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Lighter and candle or matches

Lighters can be used to light matches and candles. Since flashlights start to flicker during high ghost activity, these items are useful sources of light and maintain your sanity. You can also throw them to protect yourself from the ghost for a short time.

Mental health pills

The pills make sure that your sanity increases again.

Head camera

The head-mounted camera can be used to help teams track each other and see ghost orbs. Once worn, it does not take up a hand slot and works like a normal video camera.

Infrared light sensor

An infrared light sensor that detects both human and paranormal movements. When triggered, it illuminates the environment with a bright light.

Glow stick

Similar to the UV lamp – useful for finding fingerprints.

Phasmophobia Fingerprints

Image credit: Kinetic Games

Sound sensor

The sound sensor is a sensor that can detect the slightest noises and vibrations in the air. These are transmitted directly to the van.

Parabolic microphone

A parabolic microphone can pick up sound through walls and at great distances. It serves as a portable version of the sound sensor.


This can be used to trace the footprints of the spirit. Use it by piling salt on the floor. If the ghost enters and leaves footprints, that can be seen with the UV flashlight.

Incense sticks

Incense sticks chase away the spirit for a certain time.


The tripod can be used to mount video cameras.


We hope this guide has helped you along and that you'll be able to catch the ghost next time you try to play with your friends. For more gaming news and information on hits like Phasmophobia keep reading on EarlyGame.

Original article written by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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