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Everything you need to know about Aliens: Fireteam right here and now.

Aliens: Fireteam Release Date, Multiplayer, Crossplay & Platforms

Aliens Fireteam Release Date, Multiplayer & Platforms
On a more personal note, I will not be playing this game for the sake of my bladder. (Credit: Cold Iron Studios)

Aliens: Fireteam got its official announcement trailer today and so a lot of people are having a lot of questions. We’re here to answer them.

Are you excited about Aliens: Fireteam? If you are, I can just tell that you like Call of Duty and Battlefield. But who is to say that liking Aliens: Fireteam is bad? I mean, the trailer that they released today was FIRE.

However, with this trailer dropping, a lot of questions pop up. We’ll do our best to answer some of them for you today.

What's the Aliens: Fireteam Release Date?

Aliens: Fireteam will release in the summer of 2021, so this year! If you were dreading another year full of lockdowns and restrictions, then maybe this game coming out in only a few months' time will cheer you up!

Will Aliens: Fireteam be Multiplayer & Have Crossplay?

Yes. Aliens: Fireteam will have multiplayer, but only online multiplayer, meaning no split-screen action with your best buddy. There will not be any cross-play or cross-play progression.

Which Platforms will Aliens: Fireteam Release On?

  • PC
  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S


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