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3 Reasons Why Even Xbox Series X Stans Should Buy the PS5


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The next console war is upon us and everybody’s gearing up for it. Unfortunately, there is one problem: There is no war. The PS5 is the system to get. Period. Full stop.

It makes no sense to get the Xbox Series X over the PS5. Not with both primary systems being priced the same at $499 and boasting very, very similar specs (the Xbox is a sliver more powerful). For that price, the PS5 comes with a far superior controller, the DualSense, and an infinitely superior games library of exclusives.

Now, some people say that PS5 exclusives are no longer true exclusives since they might all be coming to PC way later down the road. To that, we say: Yes, true - if you are willing to wait out that year or two of exclusivity. But even that serves to undermine the Xbox Series X and is our final nail in the coffin: These games are coming to PC not to the Xbox, while all the Xbox exclusives, well… they are also coming to PC. This is the one-all and end-all reason why the PS5 is the system to get: The Xbox is essentially a PC-lite. It serves no advantage over a PC. So Microsoft's very own computers spell their console's doom and cement the fact that the PS5 is the only true console of this next generation of gaming systems.

Now rage and flame. The floor is yours.



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