10 Best Interactive Story Games of the Past Decade

10 Best Interactive Story Games of the Past Decade

Here are the 10 best interactive story games of the past decade.
10 Interactive Story Games
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Selecting a pastime in today's digital world is an easy thing. Whether you like to play the best slots in Ireland online or the top interactive story games, everything is available for you. If you prefer the latter, you'll be happy to hear that the options are endless.

Interactive story games are video games that put greater focus on story. That means, they are more interactive fiction than normal video gaming. In addition, they normally draw inspiration from popular novels, comics or Hollywood blockbusters. In light of this, here are the best of the best in this category of games.

1. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a 2015 game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It follows the story of eight friends who are trapped in a dreaded remote area. As a player, you play the role of each character as you fight to make it through in one piece. Furthermore, any decision you make will lead to either life or death.

2. Life is Strange

Produced by Dontnod Entertainment, this is among the coolest interactive story game series out there. As the player, you can obtain various items and interact with other characters. Additionally, any decision you make directly affects or alters the storyline. The game is available to play on Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS and Steam.

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

If you love action-packed games, then this title is a must-have. Integrating a dark, mysterious theme, the game by CD Projekt Red will spike your adrenaline rush as you fight many enemies and strange creatures. In addition, you'll also be required to make life-threatening and changing decisions throughout your adventure. You can play the game on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

4. The Walking Dead

This PlayStation and Xbox game is inspired by the popular comic book by the same name. It is an adventure game series divided into 4 seasons. The game covers events happening after the Zombie Apocalypse. As a player, you start playing as Lee, a convicted criminal who rescues a young girl, Clementine, and attempts to reunite her with her family.

5. The Last of Us

Just like the Walking Dead, this game features lots of zombie-killing action occurring in a post-apocalyptic period. In the game, you play as Joel who, through combat tactics, tries to survive in difficult scenarios as he escorts his surrogate daughter to safety. It is available to play on PlayStation 4.

6. Bioshock Infinite

If you like historical storylines, then Bioshock Infinite is a must-have. The game is set in a fictional steampunk city of Columbia where modern science such as balloons and airships is the in-thing. As a player, you act as a shooter who tries to fight against religious and racist zealots in the big city.

7. Detroit: Become Human

Developed by Quantic Dream, this game is available to play on PC and PlayStation 4. It has an adventure storyline which is based on three characters who you can each control through episodic chapters. As the player, you can make decisions that can result in either success, failure or even death.

8. Dreamfall Chapters

Available on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PC, this game occurs in a futuristic and fantasy world. It lets you control various characters as they solve different puzzles when exploring the environment. Although it doesn't have any combat or stealth elements, it focuses on discovering some secrets and making dangerous choices.

9. Beyond: Two Souls

When you play this game, you act as Jodie Holmes, a girl born with some supernatural abilities. Throughout the game, you have to make critical choices and actions even as you face intense psychological and physical challenges. You can play this emotionally charged and action-packed thriller on PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC.

10. Heavy Rain

This is a psychological thriller developed by Quantic Dream. It revolves around a story-line that seems to explore a moral proposition. As a player, you take the roles of various characters including a private eye, an FBI agent and a photojournalist. Although these characters don't know each other, they're all connected with the main antagonist.


Today's video games come with more pixels, which means better graphics. However, a game can be visually appealing, but if it has a bad storyline, it becomes quite boring. That's why developers pull out all the stops to integrate interactive storylines in their games.

The aforementioned are the top games of the past decade that have interactive stories in them. Others notable titles include Ace Attorney, Firewatch, Depression Quest, Choice of the Deathless and Her Story. While some of these are first-person shooters, others are exploration games with puzzles to solve.