Gamescom 2020 Live Day 1

Gamescom 2020 Day 1: The Hottest Reveals!

Onl 2020

The new games from day 1 (Image credit: ONL)

Day 1 of Gamescom 2020 has come and gone and several exciting new games were teased, previewed and revealed during the live show. We've got all the games here, as well as our picks for the coolest new games coming down the gaming wire.

So many great, interesting and curious games were dished out at a rapid-fire pace this year - and it was all done remotely, as no actual game convention was held in Cologne. Here are the coolest games shown during Day 1:

CoD Black Ops Cold War

This installment in the Call of Duty Franchise has players playing as operatives in the Cold War and features non-linear decision-making that impacts the ending of the game. The game will have multiple endings depending on what choices you make. It will release November 13.

Source: IGN via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Blizzard showed a stylized animated featurette, Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion, that explained a bit more of the Shadowlands' lore and story coming to us in late October. The next expansion in the world’s most popular MMO goes live on October 27 of this year. Get hyped and ready to enter WoW: The Shadowlands.

Source: World of Warcraft via YouTube

Fall Guys Season 2

Your favorite colorful battle royale racing game gets an update. The "finishing touches" are being added, so expect a release soon.

Source: Devolver Digital via YouTube

Star Wars: Squadrons

May the Force be with you! That's right, this game takes place after Return of the Jedi in the Star Wars universe and you play as a rebel space pilot trying to hunt down Empire scum. Release date: October 2, 2020.

Source: IGN via YouTube

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Coming this Holiday 2020 to the Occulus Rift - a VR WW2 game which is said to even have multiplayer.

Source: Oculus via Youtube


You are a battlemage and you must battle for freedom - in this new magical Battle Royale that releases September 3 and is free to play! It's like Fortnite but with magic!

Source: IGN via Youtube

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Expansion

A new trailer for the Element Stasis was shown - and it's a combination of ice and time magic! Freeze them and destroy them! Releases on November 10, 2020.

Source: IGN via Youtube

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart PS5 Gameplay Trailer

This trailer blew our minds! This truly is the future of graphics - Ratchet & Clank beautifully & impressively shows off the graphics of PS5. Is this Pixar, or is this still gaming?

Source: IGN via Youtube

Honorable Mentions: Other Games Announced and Revealed

  • Unknown 9: Awakening Trailer
  • Doom Eternal The Ancient Ones DLC, October 20, 2020
  • Dragon Age 4 in very early development
  • Surgeon Simulator 2 is Out Now
  • Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead release this year
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground in 2021
  • Little Nightmares 2 releases February 11
  • 12 Minutes released in 2020
  • Sam and Max VR
  • Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time releases October 2
  • Outriders December 2020
  • Necromunda: Underhive Wars out September 8
  • Teardown in 2020
  • Warframe: Heart of Deimos Expansion is out now
  • Override 2: Super Mech League in Holiday 2020
  • The Sims 4: Journey to Batuu Expansion out September 8
  • Mafia: Definitive Edition out September 25
  • Lemnis Gate in 2021
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga delayed to 2021
  • First Chorus in 2021
  • Struggling is out now

That wraps up the Day 1 coverage of Gamescom 2020. Make sure you come back to EarlyGame tomorrow for Day 2 and all the hot new games announced and previewed.

Gamescom Live: Ratchet & Clank, Fall Guys Season 2 and more!

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