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CoD: Games of Summer (Image credit: Activision)

Not hyped enough with the CDL finals coming up August 30? Good to hear Soldiers because CoD Season Five Games of Summer arrives August 28 and ends September 7. New Skill trails that test your basic CoD skills for Modern Warfare and Warzone players - the winners can rep. their country and win some sweet exclusive prizes. Reload your SMGs because season 5 is coming in hot with the Games of Summer.

Games of Summer Season 5 Content

Games of Summer Season 5 is really packed with new content. Here's what it brings:

  • 5 Different Skill Trails
  • New Gun Fight Map and Tournament
  • King Slayer Mode in Warzone
  • New Ground War Mode
  • New Operator Morte
  • New Weapon FINN LMG

Let’s kick it off and slide into the details of Season 5:

CoD Game of Summer Reveal

CoD Season 5 Content Bomb (Image Credit: Activision)

The 5 Trails of Season 5

These single player skill trails net you some sweet rewards if you manage to score high enough and also contribute to your country’s leader board. So which country has the most skilled CoD players? High rankers get access to rewards: Games of Summer Cup’ weapon charm, vehicle skins, XP tokens, vehicle horns, calling cards, and Legendary weapon blueprints.

Trail 1: The Gun Course (August 28)

This custom Gun Map challenges you to shoot your way through enemy targets while avoiding civilians.

CoD Games of Summer Gun Course

Gun Course Trial (Image Credit: Activision)

Trail 2: Trial Two: Price’s Alley (August 29)

This custom map is an endless wave of enemy targets so you can combo kills, but civilian targets will break your combo! Pistols only though as you can only use the Renetti!

Trail 3: Risky Parkour on Livestock (August 30)

Hardcore Parkour! Run through the course to each checkpoint but be careful the floor is lava! Just joking it’s actually poisonous gas on the low ground. Don’t worry the trusty combat knife is at your disposal.

CoD Season 5 Games of Summer Parkour

Parkour Course Trail (Image Credit: Activision)

Trial 4: Shooting Range on King (August 31)

Shoot all the targets located throughout the map - careful not to run out of bullets though.

Season 5 Games of Summer Shooting Range Trail

Shooting Range Trial (Image Credit: Activision)

Trail 5: Marksman Challenge (September 1)

Test your Sniper Rifle Skills on waves of long-range targets miss a target and lose time off the clock.

New Primary Weapon FiNN LMG Punches Up

Get this weapon by complete an in-game challenge or comes with the Mainframe Bundle. The weapon is said to have a strong punch for its lightweight given its weapon class.

New Season 5 Weapon

FiNN LMG (Image Credit: Activision)

Are You a King or a Kingslayer?

Kingslayer is a new mode to Warzone a Team Deathmatch where you fight to earn points. The Top five teams are marked as the “King” on your Tac-Map and killing them nets you extra points. The hunter becomes the hunted until you are the King. Killing any king get you a free Killstreak.

New Gun Fight Map and Tournament: Stadium

Fight head-to-head in a Gunfight Tournament and winners will get XP and high tier cosmetic rewards. Jump into comms and brag about your victory!

Season 5 Games of Summer Gunfight

Gun Fight Tournament on Stadium (Image credit: Activision)

The Ground War Variant

Ground War also gets a new domination mode a capture the flags style match - secure a flag and respawns for your team. And maybe try out Morte, the latest Operator to join CoD. He a gunslinger ready to lay down the law - so you better check your six! He arrives later in the season as part of his own bundle.

CoD Games of Summer New Mode

Capture the Flag

If you want to see more details about the upcoming CoD Season 5 Games check out the original blog post here. We can't wait to devour this awesome season 5 update as soon as it hits the live servers - LET'S GO!

For everything else CoD and esports news stay with EarlyGame! Take a look at these Killer Heli Tactics: 5 Pro Tips for Warzone Helicopters.

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