He's been handed the captain's armband

G2 sign mixwell for their Valorant team

Mixwell g2 valorant

Mixwell trialed for the G2 CS:GO roster in 2018 but couldn't stick around. Now he needed no trial at all. (Image credit: G2 Esports via Twitter)

G2 Esports have unveiled the first name on their Valorant squad - Oscar "⁠mixwell⁠" Cañellas. The Spaniard is well-know in the CS:GO scene, but will now abandon his home and move to the big flashy apartment downtown.

Maybe it’s not where you’re from, but where you play

So far, nearly all CS:GO players that decided to make the switch to Valorant hail from North America and the USA in particular. While this is not the case with mixwell who is Spanish, he did enjoy the best spell of his career in the North American region, which makes us think that it’s not necessarily the nation you come from, but the region you play in that influences these decisions. Not a good look for NA Counter-Strike.

Mixwell has played a total of four games this year – with Nordavind at ESEA MDL Season 33 Europe, and hasn’t been a legitimate part of a CS:GO organization since being released from Cloud9 some months ago. This makes it hardly a surprise that he took the opportunity to sign with one of the more famous esports organizations out there – G2. The org itself being Spanish probably has something to do with it as well.

The CS:GO veteran is going to be handed the keys to the kingdom as he is not only the first player to make the roster, but will also act as team captain, at least at this very early stage of the G2 Valorant division’s existence.

Along with the first official player for their Valorant team, G2 announced their first official partner – Red Bull. The foundations have been set, but G2 have a lot more work to do if they want that “championship-winning team” they set out to build to actually materialize.

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