Caps saves the day for the champions with clutch Baron steal

G2 Esports Win LEC Showdown with Rogue

League of Legends
Rogue vs G2

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In the last LEC match of Week 6, G2 Esports secured a win that left the top of the table in place. Rogue had a chance to take sole first place, but poor coordination in the late-game teamfights and a clutch Baron steal by Caps saw the spring champions take a key win.

Despite G2 Esports being the reigning LEC champions, a series of poor performances saw them start the day at 5-7 and against the 10-2 Rogue were seen as clear underdogs - especially after the loss to FC Schalke 04. Rogue initiated an early lane swap and while G2 correctly opted for early tower dives in the bot lane, in two successful dives they only got a 1:1. Even more worryingly for the champions, Rogue took several early fights and would soon grow a considerable lead. G2 would narrow down the deficit as the game progressed and looked a lot more coordinated than it did against Schalke, but Rogue were still the stronger team.

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When Rogue killed G2 jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski 28 minutes into the game, they quickly rotated toward the Baron. However, poor communication allowed Rasmus "Caps" Winther to steal the key buff, likely saving the game for his team. The teams remained close until a 4:2 teamfight six minutes later saw G2 secure a second Baron and the mountain soul. They pressed on and a kill on the enemy top laner gave the champions the advantage they needed to press on and take the mid inhibitor before forcing another fight to win the game. Despite the win, G2 are still not in a great place at the moment, standing at 6-7 in the middle of the table. However, more important than the win itself was that the resiliency they showed after the Friday loss. Rogue, meanwhile, remains at a joint first place alongside MAD Lions, who also lost today.

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