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G2 Are the Winners at the Valorant Vitality European Open

Valorant Ignition Series Vitality European Open

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The Valorant Vitality European Open came to an end over the weekend. G2 took the champions title after clashing with Prodigy in the grand final.

The Valorant Ignition Series is in full swing as another event took place this weekend. The Valorant Vitality European Open featured eight of the best teams from the region, who earned their spot through open qualifiers. In the end though only the best prevailed. The full list of teams was as follows (also in order of final placement):

  • G2 Esports
  • Prodigy
  • Fabriken
  • Party Parrots
  • need more DM
  • Bonk
  • Apexis
  • breadHunters

The one team that stands out from the rest is G2 Esports. Much like everyone expected, they were the favorites to win the event and the Spanish organization didn’t disappoint. G2 went through the group stage without much effort, finishing on top of group A without losing a single series. The other team from group A to make it to the playoffs were the Swedish FABRIKEN. In group B Prodigy and PartyParrots finished with the same score – two wins and one loss. The four teams to go home after the end of the group stage were Bonk, breadHUNTERS, Apexis, and need more DM.

In the playoffs G2 Esports maintained their status, first defeating PartyParrots and then Prodigy. The latter managed to climb back to the grand finals after taking out FABRIKEN. The final series was a Bo5 but G2 started with a game advantage. The first map was Haven and Prodigy managed to take it, but their enthusiasm was short-lived. The next two maps (Ascent and Split) were both decisive victories for G2 Esports.

Video credit: Youtube – Run It Back

For their efforts in the event, G2 Esports took home 2/3 of the total prize pool, namely €10,000.

So far G2 are the most formidable Valorant team in Europe as no other major org has picked up the title yet. There’s Ninjas in Pyjamas but their roster is still incomplete as they only have two players. In fact, those two players played in Prodigy in the same event. When exactly NiP plan to complete their roster remains to be seen. Ready or not the Valorant Ignition Series will continue to move forward.

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