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G2 advance to LEC semifinals after 3-1 vs Origen

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G2 Esports won their clash against Origen to keep their LEC championship dreams alive. After a poor first game, Origen played at a good level but it was not enough to take more than one game off the 2019 LEC champions.

Game 1: Almost close

The action started early in Game 1, with the teams clashing in the mid lane.

The first blood went to Luka “PERKZ” Perković who had a strong start but Origen stayed close in gold and had the first two dragons. However, the 2019 champions took over 14 minutes in. They collapsed on Origen, taking the Rift Herald to get a 4-1 fight.

PERKZ’s Leblanc was on fire and the G2 mid-laner soon took a Mejai’s Soulstealer to capitalize on his advantage. Origen tried to keep up but several small errors led to them progressively falling behind.

An extended tower dive by G2 saw them abuse their poke advantage to get three kills, then follow it up with a baron. Several missteps cost them, however, and OG took several shutdowns that gave them a fighting chance.

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However, that chance was not going to be enough in a big fight near the baron. Rasmus “Caps” Winther went all in, blowing up Elias “Upset” Lipp to start a Pentakill and secure the game for his team.

Game 2: It came down to Caps

Origen would start Game 2 on a high note with an early first blood. However, G2 turned it around with several good fights and would come out of the early game with a nearly 3K gold lead.

Still, the champions let themselves be caught out several times and were not able to accelerate their lead.

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What started with a hook on Destiny ended in a 3-0 for Origen as they used their area damage to decimate G2, then picked up an uncontested Baron and used it to clean the towers outside their opponents’ base. Origen sieged the enemy base but even a second baron and a top inhibitor were not enough to take G2 out.

Eventually, the 2019 champions found a fight in their favor and secured a baron of their own at the cost of losing the mid inhibitor. Everything came to a big late-game teamfight 39 minutes in and in it, Caps once again made the difference. His Aphelios managed to stay alive and his damage resulted in Origen getting aced and G2 reaching match point.

Game 3: Origen are not out

The underdogs needed to win three in a row to continue their playoff run and in this game, and they played like they meant it.

Despite losing first blood, OG got several very good early ganks and just 9 minutes in, they had a 3K gold lead and Erlend “Nukeduck” Våtevik Holm was 2 kills up. G2 had good objective control but Caps was the only one with multiple kills in the early game.

A kill on Barney “Alphari” Morris 25 minutes in gave G2 a third drake and another win condition. Shortly afterward, however, Origen won a fight in the G2 jungle and the 3 kills allowed them to secure the Baron. With it, they broke into their opponents’ base but a good counterattack by G2 resulted in two kills and the infernal soul going their way.

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Origen won a skirmish 37 minutes in that enabled them to start the baron but they quickly pounced when G2 came to contest. With two more kills, the Baron and the following Elder drake, OG had all they needed to end the game.

Game 4: No more comebacks

Despite losing the first blood in a 1v1 fight in the mid-lane, G2 would have the stronger early game after an answering kill and a very successful Rift Herald push. They extended their gold lead as the mid game began.

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After an indecisive skirmish near the baron, Origen chose to re-engage but G2 got a great Taric ultimate that turned the fight in their favor and they secured 3 kills and the Baron.

Origen put up a spirited defense, however, keeping their inhibitor towers and taking a third infernal dragon to threaten an infernal soul. However, G2 eventually took down Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir and started the baron. OG contested 4v5 but it was not enough: Nukeduck fell early and without him, his team could not keep up. Origen would lose three more and would soon see their Nexus crumble, losing the game and the series.

OG were ramping up but not good enough. G2 were not flawless but they were able to play the map better and win. G2 Esports are now headed for a rematch with MAD Lions, the team that defeated them in the first round of playoffs.


Can the Lions make it to the top or will G2 make it to the finals to contest for the championship yet again? Stay tuned for more LoL esports news to find out.

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