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FUT 21: Avoiding Common Mistakes

FUT 21 mistakes

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Two days ago FIFA 21 was released. Like every year the FIFA Ultimate Mode is the subject of hot discussions within the community. We provide you with some easy tips on how to avoid common mistakes in FUT-Mode.

FUT 21: Avoiding Common Mistakes

FIFA is a game where a new version of the game is released every year. The majority of players can't wait for the new FIFA, so they can start their Ultimate Team journey. Building a team from scratch is always interesting and it is probably the main reason to buy the newest version of this game every year. However, a lot of players repeatedly make the same mistakes in the very beginning. If you are one of those players, you probably made a few mistakes yourself and said: “next year I will be smarter”. To remind you what not to do, we made a list of the most common FUT 21 mistakes.

Placement Matches

The first FUT 21 mistake everyone makes is playing online matches as soon as they have eleven players on their team. The first five placement games will determine your rank and they are the most important matches you will play. You need to aim for higher divisions to get higher coin rewards. For example, placement into the second division will get you 124,000 credits to start. This amount is more than enough to build a starting team.

Placement in the third division will get you 89,000 coins while qualifying for the 4th division brings 44,000 coins. Therefore, you need to win as many as you can because ranking up through divisions can be painful later. You will need to win hundreds of matches just to get into second division even though you could have won just 5 and got there sooner. Our advice is to start by playing a few offline games to earn some coins and build a team decent before you play your first five online division rivals matches.

FUT 21 Mistakes - division rivals

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Don't Sell Players

Just don't sell players as soon as you open your packs. Last year, players like Rashford and Sissoko were worth around 10k in the first week. However, in the third week, their price skyrocketed and went above 50k. Wait for the marketplace to stabilize before selling any players. It is always good to have a lot of players on your team to use them for Squad Building Challenges later on.

Squad Building Challenges

The best and fastest way to earn some packs and coins is by completing SBCs. Try to complete all the basic SBCs and a few of the advanced ones and you should get at least 100k worth of players from the pack rewards. Sometimes, you can’t complete SBC because you will miss one player that does not exist or the price is just too high to buy him. The best way to avoid this is to use concept players. So, instead of buying players directly, use concept players to see how much will it cost. You can also use third-party platforms like FUTBIN to find the cheapest ways to complete the given SBC. This way, you will save a lot of coins and time.

FIFA 21 Early Access Volta Gameplay

Buying Players

If you want to buy a player for your team, always try to find the player with the appropriate chemistry style. Appling chemistry styles later will cost you and you can actually save coins by just buying the player with the chemistry style you want. Another thing you should look at is the market for cheap OP players. Every FIFA comes with few OP players that are just too good for their grades. If you see a player that is performing above his grades, go and buy a few cards of that player. His price will probably go up and you can earn some profit later.

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