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#FreeFortnite Cup: How to Enter the Apple Cup, Get FREE Tart Tycoon Apple Skin, Start Time & More


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With the #FreeFortnite Cup, Epic continues waging its war against Apple: You can enter the cup for free to join in Epic’s disdain for Apple’s business practices. The Apple Cup takes place on August 23 and will only last for 4 hours. You will have 12 matches to score points via an elaborate scoring system that lands you anything from the Tart Tycoon skin to a #FreeFortnite hat or even a laptop.

Actually, to get the laptop, you need to collect apples that spawn at certain locations. Collect enough apples and you can win the Alienware Laptop, the Samsung Galaxy S7, PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch - yes you can win all that in the free to enter #FreeFortnite Cup. So forget frags and collect those apples.

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