Plus more fixes to Mutiny and Swamp

Fracture Case Skins in Latest CS:GO Update

Fracture Case skins

The Shattered Web knives are also part of the Fracture case. (Image credit: Valve)

CS:GO updates are a lot more frequent lately, thanks in large part to Trusted Mode adjustments and the need to bring new matchmaking maps Mutiny and Swamp up to par. Both of those have been touched upon again, but this time we also get a neet weapon skin package: the Fracture Case.

Fracture Case: What's in It?

The Fracture Case comes alongside the new CS:GO update and contains 17 new weapon skins designed by over 20 different community artists + all of the Shattered Web knives as special items. Some of those are really tasty and I'd like to single out the Desert Eagle Printstream by JTPNZ. It's a pretty simple, but absolutely badass design. Also, I can't resist a good-looking Deagle.

Desert Eagle Printstream Fracture Case

This skin really makes you feel like a special agent. (Image credit: Valve)

You can see all of the new CS:GO skins on Valve's official post about it titled On the Case.

Trusted Mode Has Completely Taken Over

Trusted Mode has been integrated more and more into the core of CS:GO but we perhaps reached the last milestone of that process. The "-untrusted" option has been disabled, meaning all side paths to launching the game outside of Trusted Mode have been blocked. You either get along with the third-party files detector or you don't play competitive.

Another Wave of Map Changes

Since Mutiny and Swamp were added to the matchmaking map pool, they have been the subject of fixes a plenty. Mutiny especially has been a major culprit, the map pretty much needing a full-on repair. The pair has again been under Valve's working hands. The fixes this time are focused on performance issues though once again the makeup of the maps has also been altered and once again Mutiny is the one getting chopped up more. Anubis is another map that's gone under the scalpel. Most of it is minor gameplay fixes, including a bug which allowed you to spot enemies a wall near the bridge.

You got your eyes on any of the new skins yet? Which ones do you like best? Apart from the Deagle obviously.

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