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Trick or Treat?

Booo, Fortnitemares! What Horror Awaits Us?

Fortnitemares 2020
Image Credit: Epic Games

Soon Fortnite will be trick-or-treating again - with new bosses, spooky Halloween skins and more! Spoilers: Ghosts, Zombies and Midas!

Chapter 2, Season 4 was one of the best seasons in a long time. The Season has had a lot of content every week with the Marvel theme and it doesn't seem to be over yet.

Now we are approaching a very special event, which is probably as well known among Fortnite fans as the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

We are talking about Fortnitemares and the Leaks that we suspect we might come.

We'll show you what could probably come soon for Halloween!


The Leaker HYPEX rummaged through the files and found out that Midas might return in this year's Fortnitemares event, although it is still unclear exactly how.

He will have a golden Scar, even though this could be a placeholder in the files.

He will also have 100 HP and 350 shields. So he should be relatively easy to defeat. Who knows, maybe he will come to Fortnite in the form of the Midas Rex, which will finally be available in the store with the Last Laugh Package.

Fortnightmares 2020
Last Laugh Bundle (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Ghostly Henchman

Another character named "Ghostly Henchman" will also join the fight! Not to be confused with the "Ghost Henchman", who appeared as enemies in Season 2 and 3.

We also know that this type of boss will be equipped with an AR, Pump Shotgun, SMG or Pumpkin Launcher! So we will probably get the latter into the game again this year. Also the animations for this monster are already available.

Further details about this boss are not yet known, but we can expect to release more information about it in the coming weeks.

ZombieMake a Comeback?

The good old zombies in Fortnite. In the past years, we had corrupt places, where they spawned a slightly different kind of zombie, which suddenly jumped out of garbage can and would make our hearts jump out of our mouth. Also this year these could be included in the game. But which species we end up getting is still in the stars.

Fortnitemares 2020
(Image Credit: Epic Games)

Halloween Skins

And of course, we have a lot of old and new Halloween skins waiting for us. Among them the popular OG Skull Trooper and the Ghoul Trooper. Here is a list of all the Halloween Skins that will be available to the store in the next weeks:

What Else Could Happen?

We assume that the Fortnitemares event will have some challenges for us to complete as well. This has already been the case in the last years and this year Epic Games will probably continue that tradition. For this, we will get nightmarish Halloween decorations on the map. The challenges for week 7 already show that there will be more spiderwebs on the map. But this is probably only the beginning. It won't be long before Fortnitemares is ready to go and the fans of Fortnite are hyped!

We are also curious about what is still to come and will of course keep you up to date on EarlyGame in our Fortnite section. Until then you can pass the time with the challenges of week 6 or warm-up for the DreamHack in October.