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YouTuber Lachlan Getting a New Fortnite Skin

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New Creator Skin Incoming (Image Credit: Epic Games)

PWR Lachlan will join the likes of Ninja and get his own Fortnite skin and become the next Fortnite Icon.

At first, it was Ninja and then Loserfruit to receive skins in the Icon Series. Now it’s Lachlan who will get his own dedicated cosmetics inside Fortnite.

In a blog post, Epic Games confirmed it will be released on November 12.

PWR Lachlan took to Twitter and showed his delight and recognition of this gaming honor. The creator has been making Fortnite content since 2017, and you can find his VODs on YouTube.

To make the deal even sweeter, fans have a chance to win the new skin for free via an in-game event. Epic games explain how to play and win Pickaxe Frenzy.

"Compete in Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy starting Sunday, November 8, for an opportunity to earn Lachlan’s Cosmetic Set before it hits the Item Shop. Winners will have the chance to display the Lachlan Outfit and Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Emote in-game before anyone else. Go to the Compete Tab in the Game Lobby. Choose the Lachlan Pickaxe Frenzy Event and find the local time it starts for your region. Once the event window opens, you’ll have two hours to complete 10 total matches. The event playlist will be available on the playlist menu once the event has started."

So mark November 7 and 10 on your calendar, because Lachlan will preview the skin on his stream and then you will have the chance to win it in the event on Sunday.

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