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Where To Place Boomboxes in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite Challenges: Where To Place Boomboxes in Season 7
Get the party started! | © Epic Games

The challenges for Fortnite Season 7 Week 3 are already live and one of them will ask you to "Place Boomboxes in Believer Beach". We'll show you all the locations.

Season 7: Invasion in Fortnite didn't change the map that much, but added a bunch of new weapons, characters, and most importantly – aliens. The current season lives up to its name, and even the weekly challenges are there to reflect that. The challenges for Week 3 are already out, and the legendary ones have piqued our interest. One challenge, in particular, will have you "Place Boomboxes in Believer Beach". Here's how to do it.

Where To Place Boomboxes in Fortnite Season 7

Before the start of Season 7, legendary challenges used to be the same challenges that you had to complete over and over for more XP. That changed with Invasion, and they're now more tied to the game's lore than just collecting gold bars. The legendary challenges in each week of Fortnite are only available for the duration of the week. This means that if you don't complete them, you'll never get that XP. Don't miss out! So you want to know where to place boomboxes, eh? Here are the locations.

Fortnite Boom Boxes Believer Beach Week 3 Challenges
You need to place only two! | © Epic Games

Believer Beach is the new name for Sweaty Sands, and that's where you'll have to place the boomboxes to get the party started. Let's not forget that the Cosmic Summer event is in full swing! Worry not, as you won't have to collect the boomboxes beforehand. All you have to do is find the location and interact with the hologram. That'll place the boomboxes, and you'll complete the challenge.

Placing the boomboxes in Believer Beach will net you in 30,000 XP. Getting all the legendary challenges in Season 7 Week 3 will reward you with a total of 150,000 XP. If you want to get your battle pass as high as possible, we suggest you take a look at the rest of our guides for this week!

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