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The Plasma Cannon Weapon Location

Where to Find the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite

Plasma Cannon Fortnite Season 7
A new weapon enters the Battlefield! | © Epic Games

A new weapon was added to Fortnite Season 7 just ahead of the mysterious countdown event. Marvel at the Plasma Cannon, a new weapon designed to devastate builds... though it deals low damage to players. The Plasma Cannon is a new alien weapon, and we'll show you where to find it. 

Let’s check out what the Plasma Cannon does and where to find it!

Aliens and their weapons have been the main feature of Fortnite Season 7, and we have already covered where to get the Rail & Kymera Ray Gun, the Pulse Rifle, and The Recon Scanner. These alien guns or IO Tech Weapons are somewhere between OP and utter trash, so where does the Plasma Cannon rank in the weapon loadout meta?

It is not every day a new weapon is added to Fortnite, but this is exactly what happened in the v17.21 update. The Plasma Cannon is now a weapon you can equip in your season 7 loadout! This new IO Tech Weapon can demolish buildings and structures super easily, so everyone wants to get it in their loadout.

How to get the Plasma Cannon in Fortnite

Turns out, there are not a lot of ways to get it reliably except for the normal ways you can loot the other alien weapons in the game. The Plasma Cannon can be looted from IO Chests which are located at IO Bases dotted throughout the map. These are the buildings with the red light you see from the Battle Bus and are also known as satellite stations. Make sure to also kill any NPC guards near these stations, as they also have a chance to drop a Plasma Cannon.

The second way to get a Plasma Cannon is through crafting. This means, you will need to collect the correct components before you can get your hands on a Plasma Cannon.

How to Craft the Plasma Cannon

You’ll need to first upgrade or loot a Pistol to Legendary rarity via the Nuts & Bolts. Next, you will need one Alien Nanite. Then, the option to craft the Plasma Cannon should be in the crafting menu.

The Plasma Cannon shoots a slow-moving projectile that destroys all builds in its path and also deals 33 damage to any player hit by the energy ball. The projectile does 550 damage to buildings, which should destroy nearly everything that stands between you and your target. This already sounds great for the late game when you're trying to break into another player’s builds.

Hopefully, you are lucky enough to find this in your lobby and test out its destructive power. It seems really similar to the weapon the UFOs have.

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