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Find Lara and buy her bow!

Where to Find Lara Croft and the Grappler Bow in Fortnite Season 6

Grappler Bow Season 6
Soar through the treetops with this new Exotic Fortnite Weapon (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 6 is popping off with content and the new hype is all about the Grappler Bow. Purchase this bow from Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider! Where do you get this amazing new Grappler Bow? Let’s do an island fly-by and see exactly where is it!

The new bow weapons in season 6 have been hit or miss as discussed in our totally OP Fortnite weapon tier list. However, the sexy new Grappler Bow is looking as good as the NPC that sells it. That’s right, to get the Grappler Bow you need to buy it from Lara Croft: The Tomb Raider.

Where to Find Lara Croft in Fortnite Season 6?

Grappler Bow Location Season 6
Lara Croft is in Sweaty Stronghold (Credit: Epic Games)

To get the Grappler Bow, you need to head to Sweaty Stronghold and find the NPC Lara Croft hiding in the Ruins. Speak with the NPC, then select the bow option, and finally purchase it. The other bows in Fortnite Season 6, like the Primal Flame Bow or Mechanical Bow, must be crafted! So to get the Grappler Bow you need to buy it with Gold Bars.

How Much Does the Exotic Grappler Bow Cost?

Simple Answer: The Grappler Bow Costs 500 Gold Bars.

As you are a seasoned Fornite pro, I am sure you already know how to get Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 6, so I’ll save you the 'how-to-play Fortnite monologue.' Just remember you can get Gold Bars by doing just about anything on the Season 6 map outside of AFK dancing in the middle of the street.

Check out this Fortnite leak by ShiinaBR, which shows off how awesome the Fortnite Grappler Bow is.

So, get ready to do your best Spider-Man impression, as you dunk on players or at least die trying in the process.

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