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Where To Find The Fortnite Research Books

Research Books Fortnite Season 6
Collect some musty books and get some XP (Credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite Season 6, Week 8 challenges are live and this week you have to find Research Books in one of the weekly challenges. We'll show you where to find the Research Books in Fortnite, so that you can complete all the quests for week 8 of Season 6.

Want to know where to find the Research Books in Fortnite? Then stay tuned! The Research Books are colored blue, so easy to find if you know where to look.

You have eight books to find: 

  • 3 in Pleasant Park and 5 in Holly Hedges.

To save you a little time, we'll show you the exact locations where you can find these books.

Fortnite Research Books: Locations in Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park Research Books
We suggest you start on the southwest corner of the park. (Credit: Epic Games)

You can find the 3 books in Pleasant Park:

  • Southwest house: go to the dining room on the first floor to find the book near a bookshelf.
  • The house north of the southwest house: go to the living room to find it between a bookshelf and the TV.
  • Northern house: If you enter this house from the front, it is between the bookshelf on the back wall and the table.

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Fortnite Research Books: Locations Holly Hedges

Research Books Holy Hedges
Use the hedges for some easy cover! (Credit: Epic Games)

Research Book in Holly Hedges:

  • Southeast House: go through the door right next to the soccer player you need to find for the Fortnite "Neymar Jr." challenge. Turn right and go through the door. On the right side as you go through the door sits the book.
  • South House: this is also located on the first floor in the main living area.
  • Northeast House: this research book is located by a bookshelf near the TV and the entrance to the garage.
  • Northwest House: If you go through the front door, it is located next to the larger of the two bookshelves.
  • West House: This is located on the southeast wall of the house in front of the garage.

And these are all the locations of the Fortnite Research books. Good luck finding and browsing through this collection. The Fortnite Public Library Thanks for your visit! 

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Original Article by Alisa Eiber.