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Alien Pulse Rifle Location Guide

Where To Find Doctor Slone's Alien Pulse Rifle

Doctor Slone Pulse Rifle Fortnite Season 7
Have you got the skills to kill Doctor Slone to get the Alien Pulse Rifle? (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Season 7 is here, and with the introduction of some sweet alien weapons, Fortnite has once again shaken things up. Today, we are hunting down the mythical Alien Pulse Rifle. Rumor has it, that Doctor Slone has one in her possession, so let’s hunt her down!

Fortnite’s Mythic Weapons have kind of returned, but not really. Instead, Fortniters can enjoy a list of cool IO Tech weapons, and these new guns have been dubbed with the unofficial title of Alien Weapons by the player base. We have already successfully located the Rail Gun, so let’s turn our attention to Doctor Slone!

Let’s hunt down Doctor Slone and her Alien Pulse Rifle!

How To Get The Alien Pulse Rifle in Fortnite Season 7?

The Alien Pulse Rifle can be obtained like any other gun, from ground loot or loot chests. But, if you really want to get this item for your loadout, then you need to locate Doctor Slone on the Season 7 Map and defeat her. 

Where is Doctor Slone in Fortnite?

Doctor Slone Pulse Rifle Fortnite Season 7
Doctor Slone and her Alien Pulse Rifle is underground in the red barn (Credit: Epic Games)

Head on over to the now freshly renamed POI Corny Complex. Here, you’ll find Doctor Slone hiding inside a red barn with the Alien Pulse Rifle. Go inside the red barn and look for a set of stairs that lead down to her secret lair.

Keep in mind, Doctor Slone is no pushover, she is guarded by two IO Guardians, and she can make clones of herself as well. If you choose to fight her, we recommend bringing a squad of Friends, or building some strong cover before engaging her in combat.

Once you defeat Doctor Slone, she will drop a Legendary version of the Alien Pulse Rifle.

Doctor Slone’s Alien Pulse Rifle Stats

  • Damage: 38 per shot
  • Magazine size: 16 shots
  • Fire rate: 4.2 per second
  • Reload time: 2.6775 seconds
The Pulse Rifle is an excellent weapon for both mid and long-range combat and acts as a pretty decent sniper weapon. Looking for more sweet Alien weapons? Then try and hunt down the Cosmic Chests, because they contain tons of high rarity loot and a better chance to drop IO Tech Weapons.

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