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You won't need the gold bars much longer anyway.

Fortnite Intel Character Locations: Where to Go

Fortnite NPC Locations
Want to know where BigFoot is in Fortnite? (Credit: Epic Games)

The final challenges of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 are here, and one requires players to buy information from the new NPC characters. We're here to show you how to do that.

Season 5 ends on Monday, and Season 6 starts right the day after. This means that it is your last chance to do some Fortnite Challenges, and complete your Battle Pass. One of these challenges requires you to buy intel from NPCS, with gold bars. This information is diverse, including uncovering chests, marking campfires, and finding Bigfoot. Let's dive in!

Fortnite Intel Character Locations: Which NPC Gives Intel?

Only a few NPCs can give you information. They are:

  • Lexa
  • Kyle
  • Ragnarok
  • Nite Rider
  • Snoop
  • Bunker Jonesy

However, some of them have multiple spawn points, so you won't always find them where you think they are. If you don't find them, just go to the next viewpoint. You can find all of their spawn points on this map...

Fortnite NPC location character map
You have a few options to choose from! (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Intel Character Locations: How to Buy Information

Once you find a character, you simply have to interact with them and choose to buy their information. However, these will cost you some cash, so make sure that you're liquid before begging an NPC for information.

Fortnite NPC locations information
This quest is easy once you know where to go. (Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Intel Character Locations: What Are the Different Card Uses?

Lexa and Ragnarok sell maps that reveal the locations of a nearby treasure chest, while Kyle sells a map of nearby campfires. The map of Bunker Jonesy is one of the most interesting, as it reveals the location of Bigfoot.

The information you buy, however, is entirely up to you. Once the purchase has been made, the quest is done and you will get 40,000 XP. Easy, right?


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