Fortnite jumps on the Among Us bandwagon

Explained: What Is Fortnite LTM 'The Spy Within' aka Fortnite’s Among Us?

Verdeckte ermittlung fortnite

*cough* Among Us *cough*. (Image credit: Epic Games)

If you wanted to play Among Us in Fortnite, then look no further than the Spy Within. With the new LTM in Fortnite you can expect cool rewards that you can get for free! Find out how to complete the challenges and how it all works.

Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of the popular game called Among Us. The description of this game reads:

"The game follows a group of crew members, among whom is a cheater whose goal is to sabotage their ship and kill everyone."

Now Fortnite has jumped on the hype train, as the new LTM 'The Spy Within' is just like Among Us – only in Fortnite.

Epic released many different Limited Time Modes (LTMs) in the past to change up the Battle Royale game, each with different rules and objectives. In the patch notes for v15.10, Epic announced that they will be adding a new LTM called The Spy Within to Fortnite. For this mode, they also added challenges and rewards that you can earn.

The Spy Within challenges and rewards


Several key islands have been infiltrated by Spies. Track them down and flush them out.

Watch your back, you’ll be arriving at each location with limited information. We don’t know who the Spies are, so don’t trust anyone....

...We can trust you, right?

-The Sleuth

Of course there are, once again, plenty of challenges and rewards to lure Fortnite players to the LTM. So here's what to do:

  • Complete all 'Undercover Investigations' missions (3)
  • (Creative Mode) Play 'The Spy Within' matches (5)
  • (Creative Mode) Eliminate players in The Spy Within matches (3)
  • (Creative Mode) Complete tasks in The Spy Within matches (25)
Spy within challenges fortnite

LTM The Spy Within Challenges. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Completing these challenges rewards players with a paint job, a BackBling, a Music Pack and a glider. You can see the rewards in the image below:

Verdeckte ermittlung belohnungen

The rewards of the LTM 'The Spy Within'. (Image Credit: Epic Games)

How does the LTM The Spy Within work?

Fortnite left detailed instructions for players who have yet to experience Among Us.... er The Spy Within. These are as follows:

  • Everyone starts a match only knowing which team they are on. The identity of all other players is hidden.
  • Two players – known as The Spies will try to eliminate other players without revealing their identity. They must do so before the crew completes their objectives.
  • Eight players known as The Agents will work together to identify spies and vote them out before the spies eliminate all other players. The Agents must gather gold coins earned by completing objectives to win.
  • Players cannot speak to one another in voice chat unless they are in a meeting.
  • Players can call meetings whenever they spot a character or are suspicious of another player. Players can then talk and discuss who they are suspicious of. They can choose to vote someone out, which eliminates them. Spies need to be careful, otherwise they will raise suspicions and get voted out!

The LTM certainly sounds exciting and like a lot of fun. For those who may not be a fan of Among Us, The Spy Within could be something completely new to try in Fortnite and maybe get a taste for it. To that end, a new The Spy Within game will be featured every few days in this LTM, so we can admire all of the map creators' creations.

For more Fortnite feel free to check out our Fortnite section. You might like articles like Fortnite: Are planes returning for Winterfest? or Fortnite's "Reboot a Friend" event. Everything else gaming and esports can be found on EarlyGame.

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Original article written by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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