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Top 5 Weapons in Fortnite Season 4


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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is nearing its end and the community is eagerly awaiting what Season 5 has to offer. Will there be another live event for the new season?

We have just under a month left until the end of Season 4, so that's enough time to collect some more epic victories. If you haven't been around that long, you might be wondering what the best weapons are right now, but don't worry, we'll let you know.

In Season 4, there are some old familiar weapons among the top 5 picks, but there are also new ones. Along with the Marvel Heroes, new weapons have also entered the world of Fortnite and the Stark Industries Beam Rifle also makes it directly into our Top 5, dropped by Stark Bots that you can fight at crash sites of Quinjets and can make a big difference especially in the Early Game.

The bolt-action sniper rifle, with its tremendous damage, makes it to fourth place. If you can aim and always hit the head, you can take out enemies with full shields with just one hit.

The Rocket Launcher makes it to third place. There's no need to explain how it works - it shoots rockets and blows up everything to bits. The problem is that you currently only get the rocket launcher if you defeat a Gorger. This robot spawns at a different location in every match, so the real challenge is finding it first.

The good old pump shotgun is in second place, but in close combat, nothing beats the shotgun. As long as you're close enough to your opponent, you'll blow anyone out of their socks.

The first place goes of course to a rather familiar weapon. Here we find the SCAR! The assault rifle is incredibly precise and deals insane damage. There's nothing better at medium distances and even buildings can be reduced to rubble in no time.

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