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TheGrefg, Benjyfishy, James Arthur and Co. Starring in a $50K Charity Tournament

Combat featuring fortnite

Celebrities, content creators and Fortnite pros united. What more could you ask for? (Credit: Combat Gaming)

Esports organization Combat Gaming, part of 38 Entertainment Group, has announced a Fortnite charity tournament. This will feature sports and esports athletes, content creators, and other well-known personalities. And YOU can watch it LIVE!

Celebrities, musicians, famous content creators, and esports legends united? Yep, we will get to see that tomorrow. At the event, which is scheduled to take place on January 28, professional football players like Daniel James and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will be joined by Fortnite pro Benjy "Benjyfishy" Fish, streamer David "Grefg" Cánovas Martínez, musician James Arthur and many more will compete.

The contestants will be competing for a portion of the $50,000 in prize money, which will be donated to charities of their choice. All these people together prove once again: gaming can achieve great things!

Combat Gaming's Fortnite Charity Tournament.

Combat Gaming is a newly formed gaming collective and membership club run by 38 Entertainment Group, the co-owner of Ellevens Esports. Last year, the organization launched a series of charity gaming events called "Combat Corona" to raise funds during the global pandemic.

Jonathan Kark, the co-founder of 38 Entertainment Group, provides commentary for the tournament:

We are really excited to bring our popular charity tournaments back to your screens. This time featuring Fortnite and a $50,000 Prize Pool to charities and causes that matter right now.

To support the tournament, the organization has partnered with Gaming Bible, part of the LAD Bible Group, to provide live coverage on their platforms throughout the event.

In addition, the event will also be streamed on Combat Gaming's Twitch channel. As a partner of the tournament, Twitch will promote the event on its homepage. The live stream will begin at 19:00 CET, so be sure to join us as celebrities from all walks of life come together.


Among the participants are Fortnite professionals, content creators, football players, musicians, and a few other faces from all countries. We have listed them for you below:


  • Mason Mount
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Daniel James
  • Trevoh Chalobah
  • James Artus
  • James TW
  • Nas Majeed
  • Manuel Lanzini
  • Luigi Gaspar

Content Creators

  • Grefg
  • Demisux
  • TurntDaisy
  • Manny Braun
  • Papi Blast
  • Vohlii
  • M1lk (Stückkontrolle Kyle)
  • Melebu
  • Kaidoz2
  • H11GGSY
  • MrBuba
  • Pulga
  • Mit der Post
  • Ryft
  • Nicks
  • Harmii
  • Tiko
  • Rana Crofts

Pro Players

  • BenjyFishy
  • Wolfiez
  • Milan
  • Endretta
  • Kinzell
  • Magin
  • Slick
  • Teeq
  • Blackoutz
  • JannisZ
  • Stahlix
  • Vadeal
  • Kejser
  • Nikof
  • Airwaks
  • Schwindler
  • LG Joji
  • Co1azo


The tournament will be played in teams of three, with each team consisting of a professional player, a content creator, and a celebrity. The prize pool will be split among the top three teams. Be sure to tune in tomorrow to see personalities from different backgrounds compete in a Fortnite event for a good cause!

Even though Combat Gaming is a relatively new company, its work is admirable and we at EarlyGame hope the event gets a lot of support. Want to see only the video game news that interests you most? Want to personalize your gaming newsfeed? Then check out our brand new MyEarlyGame!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.

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