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The WORST Weapons in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite season 5 gold bars bounty

Fortnite Season 5 weapons to avoid at all costs (Image credit: Epic Games)

It's time to take a look at the WORST weapons in Fortnite Season 5. These are the ones you should try and avoid using and maybe even picking up. Sometimes you jump out of the bus and find a SCAR in your first chest and other times, you find nothing worth mentioning. But mentioning is what we do, so these are these worst weapons in Fortnite Season 5!

C-Tier Fortnite Season 5 Weapons

Charge Shotgun

This shotgun is no Pump Shotty and is just for the memes. It’s good against lower-skilled players but it is merely a gimmick gun. Use for fun but not if you want to win.

Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

Storm scout sniper rifle fortnite worst weapons

Looks nice but you might as well yell at your opponents to try and damage them. (Image credit: Epic Games)

An interesting weapon concept, allowing you to see the next incoming storm location, the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is barely a sniper rifle as its damage is way too low and it’s hard enough to get snipes so why even try with this P.O.S!


The only value the pistol has is the satisfaction of getting an early kill with it right as you drop down from the bus. Ditch this slow weapon for literally anything else, well maybe except the revolver!

Think those are bad? There is always worse.

F-Tier Fortnite Season 5 Weapons

These weapons are so bad you'll wonder why they are even in the game.

Combat Shotgun

Combat shotgun fortnite worst weapons

Not to be confused with the Pump Shotgun, which is actually good. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Oh, how the might have fallen! The Combat Shotgun was one of the deadliest weapons ever made in Fortnite until it was nerfed so much that it is now the worst weapon in the game. Random damage, inaccurate, short-range, and a misleading name this guy has no point. The name even sounds cool to newer players, but it even doesn’t take them long to ditch this stinker!

Scoped Revolver

The only use for this gun is its scope. Literal use it to zoom in on the horizon to scout out your routes. But even if you see something to shoot, don’t bother you will miss and just reveal your position. It’s so bad it is often left off of most lists, so bad it unranked.

Now you know what not to do in Fortnite Season 5, we wish you good luck Bounty Hunter. Remember if you can get a kill with these guns it’s like pouring lemon juice and salt into your opponent’s wound!

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