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These outfits are simply stunning!

The Best Fortnite Cosplays

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Which is your favorite look? (Credit: Epic Games)

In the last part of our small cosplay series, we showed you the best Dota 2 cosplays. This time we continue with the most impressive Fortnite cosplays! With these looks, you can only win.

Cosplay is really an art in itself. It's the perfect expression of fan love! What greater compliment to a character than wanting to look like the character? Here,- we introduce you to a few of our favorite Fortnite cosplays!

1. Classic Fortnite (Gnu)

Let's start with a classic! This cosplay is as true as it gets to the spirit of classic Fortnite, before all the exclusive skins and crazy events. Gnu really rocked this look!

2. Ruby (Slyvercy)

Another Fortnite look that comes without a lot of frills. Ruby – cosplayed to perfection by Sylvercy.

3. Midnight Dusk (Sylvercy)

This has never happened before, but we named a cosplayer twice. Sylvercy just makes too many nice Fortnite cosplays to put only one of them in this list!

4. Drift Skin (Gibson)

Masked, mysterious, mega cool!

5. Valkyrie (Anastasya Rider)

Wow, just wow. This Fortnite cosplay is insane! Anyone who says otherwise will feel the wrath of the Valkyrie!

6. Rust Lord (TheFreakyDeeky)

Has anyone ever noticed that the Rust Lord skin looks a bit like Star-Lord? Not that there are any legal issues with Marvel... Anyway, this Fortnite cosplay is just epic!

7. Fable (Ksana Stankevich)

A return to some classic tales that we grew up with!

8. Rex (Lara Lunardi / Dave Klein)

The last place on this list belongs to a terrific team effort: a double Rex cosplay!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.