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Stream Fortnite on Houseparty!

You Can Now Stream Fortnite on Houseparty
Epic really wants you to use Houseparty! (Credit: Epic Games)

Epic Games have decided to spice things up with the integration of Fortnite into Houseparty. The social video app owned by Epic is even more tempting now.

If you want to stream your Fortnite gameplay to all your friends but you're not a fan of Twitch, there's an alternative. Houseparty became the app for video chatting in Fortnite in November 2020 but now things are getting even better. In an update from yesterday, Epic Games revealed that you can now freely stream your gameplay directly on Houseparty.

Note that there's still one major difference between Twitch and Houseparty. Twitch offers a much broader audience while Houseparty streaming will be only limited to your friends on the app. It's no surprise that Epic is investing even further in the integration since the company owns Houseparty.

How do I stream Fortnite on Houseparty?

The answer is rather simple, just connect Fortnite and Houseparty and then activate the Fortnite Mode on the app.

Currently, you can stream Fortnite from PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. In order to install Houseparty, you'll need an IOS or Android device, then all you have to do is link your Houseparty account with your Epic account and voilà.

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How do I start video chat without streaming?

Epic even helped you out on how to activate the video chat in case you haven't tried it yet:

  • Open Houseparty on iOS or Android and connect to Fortnite through Settings or the TV icon.
  • Join your friends like you normally would or invite them to join you.
  • Start Fortnite on a PC or PlayStation.
  • Continue talking to your friends while you play. (Make sure your mobile device is positioned to fully frame your face.)

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