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The horror begins

SERVERS ARE BACK! Fortnite Patch 14.40: Fortnitemares and Midas' Revenge

Patch Fortnitemares Midas Revenge
Fortnitemares Midas Revenge (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Patch 14.40 is here and with it a huge update. Besides the long-awaited Fortnitemares event, Midas steps on the map again to take his revenge!

Finally, the Fortnite Halloween event we all waited so long for is here! Patch 14.40 immerses the map in a spooky Halloween theme - with scary challenges, rewards, and a boss we almost missed!

Fortnite Server Downtime

As is the norm, the Twitter account Fortnite Status announced the new update. The v14.40 update was released today, October 21. The Fortnite servers went down at 10:00 CEST for scheduled maintenance and less than half an hour ago they were back with the new patch.

The update on the PC is bigger than before, at about 27 GB. This is intended to make optimizations that will result in reduced file size and smaller downloads for future patches and improved loading performance. But now to the Patch Notes!

Fortnite: Nightmares or Fortnitemares

Fortnitemares finally returns and changes the solo, duo, and team format in their own scary way! The former agency has once again been taken over by our favorite supervillain Midas, who is out for revenge.

After being eliminated in Solo, Duo, and Team modes, you return to battle as a shadow to claim a Nightmare Royale victory. Team up with other Shadows and attack the living. Use skills from the afterlife - for example, you can haunt vehicles!

Patch Fortnitemares Midas
Image Credit: Epic Games

Halloween Challenges and Rewards

The Fortnite map was decorated a bit creepier with cobwebs and pumpkin boxes that appeared here and there. But that was only the beginning. Now creepy huts and even more creepy decorations are to appear everywhere on the island. Of course, there will also be creepy challenges to unlock rewards like Back Blings, Pickaxes, EP, and more!

Patch Fortnitemares Midas
Image Credit: Epic Games

New Weapons and Items

The Charge Shotgun is back in the safe. But let's be honest: we are not really sad about it as the gun kind of sucked.

In return, there will be new scary weapons that have returned for the shadow showdown. You can even shoot pumpkins at other players now.

And who remembers our article: Fortnite Adding Broomsticks for Halloween?

We can now ride on witches' brooms. And also super sweets will be available with patch 14.40. If you want to know more about it, just click on the link above.

Patch Fortnitemares Items
Image Credit: Epic Games

Of course, some bugs and errors in the game have been fixed again. But after all the news about the new update, these are probably a minor point and will remain unmentioned for now.

Fortnitemares starts today, October 21, and will run until November 3. In this event, don't let death stop you from taking the living with you into the afterlife.

Now that the update is live, you can find out more about the Halloween challenges and the return of Midas in our Fortnite section. We are definitely excited about the update and can't wait to share more about the Halloween event with you, so stay tuned. For anything else gaming and esports, keep checking out EarlyGame.